XML London Consulting provides expert programming services from senior UK based software engineers who have a passion for problem solving and writing high quality software that scales, most especially with MarkLogic Server.

Our engineers possess very high communication skills with full lifecycle experience. They are able to ask the right questions, when determining requirements and designing software.

Our Core Competencies


  • XQuery
  • XSLT
  • Scala
  • Java
  • JavaScript


  • XML
  • JSON
  • RDF
  • CSV
  • Binary
  • Custom


  • REST
  • WebDAV
  • AtomPub
  • XQJ
  • XCC

Our Approach to Software Engineering

We are keen on applying software development best practices, preferring an agile approach to software development, but can also work within your preferred working model. We believe that great software can be written in shorter time frames with very smart people, instead of larger teams consisting of less experienced individuals where the project can go as slow as your slowest team member.

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Fewer lines of code

Smaller code bases means fewer bugs and are more flexible to enhancements.

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Writing clear documentation both at the code level as well as in shared Wikis.

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Unit Tests

Writing Unit Tests finds problems early and helps to stop bugs creeping in later on.

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Mechanical Sympathy

Writing systems that scale comes from a strong understanding of Computer Science.

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Ship early, Ship Often

Iterative and short release cycles gets vital feedback from users quickly.

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Reduces code complexity, making it easy to add further enhancements in the future.