Our Consultants are very knowledgeable about Amazon Web Services such as EC2 and S3, including the best practices on how to deploy MarkLogic Server in the cloud and how to make the most of AWS in the most cost effective manner.

As MarkLogic experts, we are able to setup and configure MarkLogic to cope with any requirement. We can setup development, UAT and production environments, migrate existing infrastructure to the cloud and setup scheduled back ups, node-level fail over for high availability and database replication for disaster recovery (in-case an Amazon data centre is taken out).

We can also install scripts, which automatically turn on and off development and UAT environments in the cloud so that they're only being used (and costing money) during business hours.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Shifting even small parts of your infrastructure to the cloud means there is less of a need for internal I.T. departments to buy, monitor and maintain expensive hardware in-house.

The cloud provides Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), which means you only pay for precisely what you use. All hardware is hosted remotely at a location of your choice and you get complete control over the kit.

Faster time to market

Setting up hardware, operating systems, installing and setting up MarkLogic takes time. Also, larger organisations tend to have strict procedures for setting up any new hardware that is used to host anything on-site.

If all your trying to do is quickly write a Proof of concept to prove that an idea will work, or perhaps need a temporary environment to do some user acceptance or performance testing, or simply just need some temporary firepower to process a great deal of data. You may end up feeling like your wading through treacle, just to get things done.

With the cloud, these issues go away as can spin up and spin down resources at the touch of a button and as the resources are off-site, there should be little or no bureaucratic treacle to wade through.

Elastic scaling

Don't throw away your money buying and maintaining high-powered kit that may never get fully utilised. With the cloud, you can quickly scale up the fire power as required and then scale back down in cool-off periods.

You can even turn everything off with a view to turning it back on later if you know you're not going to need it for a while.

Free MarkLogic Developer Licences

MarkLogic's Free Developer Licences pretty much allow you to do anything with MarkLogic Server, including Semantics, Geospatial searching, High Availability/Disaster Recovery, Government Grade Security, Alerting, Tiered Storage and XA Transactions. You can cluster MarkLogic Server nodes on the cloud and can scale up to 1TB.

Find out more about MarkLogic's free developer licences at

AWS Prices

Prices are very reasonable, for instance a machine with 2 virtual CPUs, 8 GB of memory and 32 GB of SSD disk space costs around 9 pence an hour (or €0.11 cents an hour).

Amazon has recently reduced their AWS prices for the 42nd time and are likely to continue to reducing prices.

The latest EC2 prices can be found at:

The latest S3 prices can be found at: